February 21, 2008

Gumba Bis

What is the US presidential race about? Some, like Ehab, who left a comment on my previous post, thinks it is about the issues.  I ask you, which issues? None reall knows where the candidates stand on "the issues". Like all people asking for votes, the candidates say what ever they think will get them elected. That's the way the game works. Even if it weren't the case, most candidates have no idea what happens in the white house. In order to know what can and cannot be done when you are president, you have t have been president. Before that, you can make all the promises you want, we all know that 90% of them are empty promises. Not because they don't want to live up to them, but because they can't.

So, if it is not about the issues, how do you chose. Personally, I don't give  damn if a candidate smoked pot when he was 16, or if he slept with his nanny when he was 14 or if he voted for the war or against the war in the past. Being president is about the future. 

For me the decision is on race, gender, charisma, salesmanship and experience.Amongst the current candidate, the only one with experience is Hilary. And no, being governor of some remote state or having lived in Indonesia does not qualify as experience. 

I have a weak spot for strong women. I have a weak spot for intelligent women. I have a weak spot for confident women. I like Hilary. What can I tell you? If she were 20 years younger...


Anonymous said...

Just to clear things up, firstly, I am flattered that you would blog about a comment I have made, secondly, as a blogger - I hope - you can't adobt the point view of the uneducated public and discuss somthing as important as the US presidency without adding somthing valuable to it... the issues? health care, immigration and foreign policy..
I don't get to vote since I am canadian, but i am for sure enjoying the drama.
best of luck to you, and i have to admit that i enjoy your style.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel