February 20, 2008


Barrack, Hilary and John, the three musketeers of current american politics. I spent long hours trying to decide which one of them will affect my life in a positive way. 

John is a republican. I don't like republicans. I didn't like Reagan, I didn't like Bush the first and I certainly don't like Bush the second. But, John is a different kind of republican and he is gutsy. His views on abortion are different than those of the GOP and he had the courage to say them in public. He was in favor of the surge when it was very unpopular and most importantly for me he was not afraid of saying so when he knew it would cost him votes. He speaks his mind regardless of the consequences. I like that. But, I am also aware that it is the exact same thing that led to the invasion of Iraq.

Barrack is black. Which is not a problem for me in itself. But, he is black and he knows it. He keeps talking about not making race and issue but by saying so, he is making it an issue. Blacks in America live with the race issue everyday. They make decisions because they are black, they realize they are black and it affects their everyday life. I am against affirmative action as a concept, it is nothing but reverse discrimination. Having said that, in a society like the US where everything and I do mean everything is race related, affirmative action is needed and required in order to ensure that blacks are treated equally. Lets us not forget that, in a society that, today, claims to be the epitome of freedom, only in 1956, blacks could not vote. Today, one is about to become president. I think he is aware of that and it plays a big part of his psyche. I am not too sure I like that. On the other hand, I like his politics. He is saying all the right things, he has charisma and the biggest pair of ears I have ever seen. Also, I don't like the fact that because he has a few relatives in Kenya was born in Hawaii and lived in Indonesia when he was 5 for 6 months old, he thinks he has "international experience". Granted, compared to the average american who has never heard of any of these countries and who have spent all their lives in Wakamazoo, north dakota, he is a world traveler. But, I am not convinced.

Hilary is a woman. Which is not a problem for me in itself. As you could have surmised from the paragraph above, I am skeptical of people who are setting precedents. They tend to work for the precedents rather than for the job. But, I like the two for one deal that comes with Hilary. I think Bill is great. He has the charisma, experience and mojo to run the country. However, he also has the ego of a bulldog. I actually think that he so jealous of Hilary that he is deliberately but subtly sabotaging her campaign. Making sure he is the only Clinton to ever be president. I am quite sure that, in her concession speech, or victory speech, whichever she gets to make, the words: "I am divorcing my husband" will find their way into there.

I have thought long and hard about which of these will affect my life for the better. I have decided that I like Hilary the most amongst those three. But, there is another person that I really like. Mike! He is an ordained Baptist Minister that had the balls to say that Mormons worship the devil. That one was gutsy. He is campaigning even though he knows he has no chance, but he never walks away from a fight. Most importantly, he knows that, the longer he campaigns, the more chances he has of being offered the Vice President ticket for John. This of course means, it positions him for a good run in 4 years.  who ever gets on the republican ticket this year as a veep gets to be the automatic nominee in 4 years.

I like Mike. He has the balls, the charisma and everything else I need to like in a president. Of course, there is the small matter of him being a republican, but I am willing to overlook it for the sake of sanity


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you, I have enjoyed reading your blog, having said that, I tend to disagree how you minimize a whole character to an issue of race or sex, I think you meant to be funny. just remember All generalizations are false, including this one, Cheers.

Anonymous said...

i liked your post a lot. You made a lot of sense. I don't know where u stand on the issues, but MIKE HUKABEE???? I mean yes i agree that he is campaigning now to become VP...very smart..But i don't think that the US needs a president who doesn't believe in evolution and called for quarantining AIDS patients in 1992!!!!!!!!!!!! 92 for Gods sake.